About Our Technology

The WIPS Solution

WIPS is the only complete, enterprise-grade wireless data solution that easily, securely and economically extends the enterprise information environment to mobile workers.   WIPS' breakthrough technology overcomes wireless network limitations by continuously pre-positioning current enterprise data to a wallet-size personal server (PS) that the mobile worker accesses with any mobile device, as depicted below:

WIPS provides the mobile worker with an easy-to-use, flexible and totally secure information environment:

  • The wallet-size PS has a battery life up to 16 hours and is easily carried in a pocket, briefcase or purse.
  • The worker has immediate access to up to 80 Gigabytes of enterprise information identical to that available on-campus, including all data and applications such as:

    • Read/Write-to files stored on enterprise servers.
    • Enterprise Read-only files stored on file servers, including dynamically-updated files such as status and location of assets and personnel.
    • E-mail with all attachments and graphics.
  • The worker uses any common mobile device (e.g., laptop, mobile phone, PDA) to instantly access and display the files stored on his PS.
  • All data remains encrypted except when the worker is viewing or working with it and the decrypted data automatically disappears when the display device is turned off. 

    Moreover, WIPS operates automatically and continuously with no special user training required.

    Secure Mobile Enterprise Platform

    The core of Rosetta's technology is proprietary communications software that links distributed hardware over established wireless networks into a wireless data platform designated the Secure Mobile Enterprise (SME) system.  The diagram below shows the system architecture:

    The SME system operates as follows:

  • An intelligent, fixed-end Central-Server (CS) impersonates the mobile worker and continuously and automatically logs into the worker's Enterprise System (ES) through a single firewall access port.  The CS is a standard computer in a single system or clustered configuration.

  • The CS looks only at data, content and other files on the ES that the worker is allowed to access to identify those files that are new or have been changed since the last time the CS logged in.  The CS then automatically encrypts and syncs those files to itself.

  • The mobile worker's PS mirrors his files from the CS.  The PS continuously, automatically and opportunistically completes wireless connections via available cellular (WWAN) and WiFi (W-LAN) access points.  The CS and PS are logically identical, so that whatever data is on one migrates automatically to the other, remaining encrypted the entire time.   

    Rosetta's Secure Mobile Enterprise provides information security equivalent to what can be achieved on enterprise campuses.  This is due to the SME architecture and because the on-campus system administrator retains control of both SME and information in the field. 

    The Secure Mobile Enterprise system also is highly economical and reliable because: 

  • Except for Rosetta's proprietary software, it employs off-the-shelf hardware and software. 

  • It operates over existing wireless infrastructures and over any digital wireless network second generation or later. 

  • Transmission is on low-priority channels and during otherwise idle network moments, allowing exceptionally low cost services. 

  • Because files are opportunistically pre-positioned to the PS, the mobile worker has ready access even in the event of a dead-spot or system outage and has no wait for downloading.

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