Industry Solutions

WIPS is a platform technology that enables "must-have" solutions for a broad range of mobile worker needs.  The common requirement is for immediate, totally secure, and economical access to complete, up-to-date information from mass databases, anywhere and anytime

There are about 55 million mobile workers in the U.S.  They are a diverse collection with vastly different mobile data needs, including sales personnel, mobile executives, field service engineers, military, homeland security and other government workers, healthcare providers, and so on.   WIPS is the only mobile data solution for all of their critical needs.

Small-Mid Size Business (SMB).   Small- and medium-size companies often do not have the resources to centralize the provisioning of mobile data services for their mobile workers.  For these companies, taking advantage of WIPS will be as easy as visiting your choice of local wireless carrier companies.  There, you will be able to sign up for service, receive a WIPS unit, turn on your service, and soon begin accessing your office server via dial- or log-in.

Large Enterprise.  Mobile workers for large companies have needs similar to those of SMB mobile workers, but their companies are likely to have special requirements as to scope of databases accessed, security, etc. WIPS is easy to deploy and support and has security equivalent to that available on enterprise campuses.   

Healthcare.  Healthcare providers need HIPAA-compliant access to patient information housed in diverse, independent databases such as doctor offices, hospitals, testing laboratories, pharmacies, etc.  WIPS functionality will be extended to communicate with these multiple systems and to display information using provider-specific GUIs and devices, including charge capture for billing.

Homeland Security.  Comprehensive homeland security has security and multi-user needs similar to those of healthcare as well as the need to accommodate very large files such as images, maps, fingerprints, etc.  WIPS will aid in prevention, protection and defense against attacks, as well as in coping with and recovering from attacks.  Using WIPS, "first responders" to a crisis would be assured they have all the data and information they need, exactly when and where they need it.

Special Note on Telematics  

WIPS is a solution for another wireless data need that is not strictly for mobile workers.  It's called telematics which refers to wireless data technologies designed into vehicles for purposes of enhanced capabilities for communications, information services, security/safety, remote diagnostics/prognostics/monitoring, and entertainment.  Rosetta's SME platform is expected to provide the essential communications functionality for all of these applications.  A diagram of WIPS as the next generation telematics architecture is presented here.

The opportunity in telematics encompasses automobiles and trucks as well as consumers and commercial (long-haul and local fleets) needs.  As one example, according to the market research firm Frost & Sullivan, in North America alone there are about 25 million commercial vehicles on the roads.  Benefits such as increased productivity, reduced costs and enhanced safety and security are expected to result in over 30% of all trucks to be telematics-enabled by 2012.