WIPS Advantages

WIPS is the complete solution, delivering enterprise information immediately, securely, and affordably, whenever and wherever needed. The following table summarizes WIP's advantages compared to competitive wireless data devices and other technologies:

As shown, only WIPS is the complete, enterprise-grade solution to wireless data needs.

Other wireless data solutions have only limited functionality because of fundamental wireless network limitations. As a result, they only offer partial solutions that fall far short of ubiquitous sharing of the enterprise information environment. For example:

  • Blackberry and Treo have good e-mail and instant messaging capabilities but are inadequate for working with large data files and complex e-mail attachments.
  • Laptop radio cards are network-specific, require complex manual operation and special network-persistent technology (e.g., NetMotion), and only provide adequate speed where the service provider has upgraded its network.
  • GoodLink only syncs selected enterprise data, without immediate access to up-to-date information.